Monthly Archives: June 2017

Ep 7: Peter, singing, song writing, and pay for play

We’re joined by Peter Radermacher. He’s a singer and song writer who plays in a full band, and just with his guitar. What’s more, people give him money to do what he does. In fact, you can catch him this Saturday, and on the following Saturday, July 1st, from 6 to 9 PM at Rooney’s.

Rooney’s 17626 140th ave NE Woodinville, WA. 98072

ep5: Talking business with Doug Sandler

This time we have Doug Sandler. He’s one of the hosts of the Nice Guys on Business Podcast; he has a podcast production company, Turnkey podcast productionhe’s; he’s the author of “Nice Guys Finish First,” he’s a speaker; and Huffington Post blogger; and he took time out of his busy life to chat about podcasting, and a whole lot more.

His website,, has links to info on the programs he offers, as well as his podcast, “The Nice Guys on Business,” and his blog.

Check out the free audio book sample of “Nice Guys Finish First.”

episode 4: Al Yardley of Access Technology

This week we have Al Yardley, of Access Technology.

Al provides visually impaired and blind computer users training with the usual computer programs, and specialized software that allows his students to either read computer information in Braille, or hear the information with voice synthesis, meaning that the computer speaks the relevant information to the user.

You can check out his LinkedIn site, and get a look at an article about his beep-baseball teame, right here.