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Ep 12: the vOICe reprised

Today, I thought I’d share a tool I’m using. It’s software that changes images into sound.

Here are the episodes from my other show, including the one I skipped, in case you’d like to follow any of the links I mentioned.

Ep 17: do you lick what you see?

Ep 18: Sometimes it goes away

Ep 19: Can you hear what I see?

And here’s a link to the website of the vOICe, if you’d like to learn more or download a copy for yourself.

Ep 11: Peter and Brad play a set

I was surprised on Monday of last week, when the Plaza Café called and asked me to play some live music. I got a hold of Peter Radermacher, who was interviewed in episode 7, and sat in with him on the drum, while he played and sang. Today, I’m sharing some of the songs we performed, even if it isn’t the best recording ever recorded.

You can find the interview with Peter by going to:

Ep 7: Peter, singing, song writing, and pay for play

Ep 10: Arthur Benjamin, mathematics and mathemagic

“Could I get you to say, test 1 1 3 5 8?”

Today’s guest chuckled and replied, “Test 3.14159”

Featured in my other show, “The Lab,” Arthur Benjamin is a professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont California, and a mathemagician. That means he can do math problems in his head and some other tricks with numbers, on stage, on purpose.

Check out this TED talk to see him in action.

Arthur Benjamin: A performance of “Mathemagic”

We chatted about several things without quite explaining them, including Fibonacci numbers, and the Monty Hall problem. Follow those links to find out what we were talking about.

We also talked about his trick to square two-digit numbers in your head. Here’s a YouTube video in which he explains how that’s done.

Arthur Benjamin – Secrets of Mental Math

You can find out more about Arthur Benjamin and learn how to do some of what he does by visiting his website.

Just for fun, here’s his two-digit squaring trick with just one digit.



Ep 9: Overcoming imposture syndrome with Mark Asquith

Today we’re joined by Mark Asquith of Excellence Expected. He’s a podcaster and business coach, who runs a business that helps you start your business and get through those first two years.

Here’s his main website:

His free Friday coaching:

Free Small Business / Entrepreneur Coaching by Mark Asquith

And my personal favorite, The 7-minute Mentor:

The 7 Minute Mentor Podcast